Crazy Tech­nol­o­gy that are only in chi­na! Tran­sit ele­vat­ed bus.  The prob­lem with tra­di­tion­al pub­lic trans­port is that bus­es or trams take up as much space on the road as sev­er­al cars. A large num­ber of bus­es and trams make the traf­fic jams on the roads more crit­i­cal but the Chi­nese have fig­ured out how … Read moreONLY IN CHINA! CRAZY TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE ON ANOTHER LEVEL!

Tips to Choose Topic for Your Blog

How To Choose The Right Blog Top­ic If you’re blog­ging on a reg­u­lar basis what’s going to hap­pen, well you’ll get more traf­fic and that’s great but what’s worse is a bench going to run out of top­ics right on, not sure?  on what to blog on, and  just get­ting lost must can do two … Read moreTips to Choose Top­ic for Your Blog

What is SEO and how to do for website

What is SEO and how it works, this is com­mon ques­tion have every new blog­ger About the changes in SEO and if you are aware of it utter­ly it’ll improve your SEO method. I’ll tell you some tech­nique to remain updat­ed con­cern­ing SEO. Ini­tial of all   CONTENT is THE KING. Con­tent is extreme­ly vital and … Read moreWhat is SEO and how to do for web­site

Stop Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Stop Mak­ing These Social Media Mar­ket­ing Mis­takes, Well you know what it’s about to change. Today I’m gonna share with you the biggest social media mis­takes that you’re mak­ing that’s caus­ing you to not do that, you need to avoid is post­ing con­tent too often every­one believes that hey you want to do well on … Read moreStop Mak­ing These Social Media Mar­ket­ing Mis­takes

Biggest SEO mistakes to avoid on your blog

Blog­ger SEO mis­takes to avoid, what mean SEO,Search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) lives to any prof­itable blog­ging move­ment, so it ought to be accom­plish with­in the direct look. SEO itself is total­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed for melo­di­ous prin­ci­ple, how­ev­er might­i­ly for Google uses a for­mu­la, that tak­en many agent into descrip­tion once extreme a web­page, and that they … Read moreBiggest SEO mis­takes to avoid on your blog

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