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Apple release iPhone 11 and Series 5 Watch

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The well-known tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­ny Apple has released var­i­ous mod­els of the iPhone 11, which have more cam­eras than ever before, and its mod­ern com­pat­i­ble proces­sor works faster with less pow­er.

The com­pa­ny says the bat­tery on two new­er mod­els of the iPhone 10 Pro will work four to five hours longer than old­er mod­els.

Apple has not launched the FIVE G mod­el,FIVE G mod­el, while some say some oth­er fea­tures are miss­ing.
The Series Five Watch is said to have a bat­tery life of 18 hours.
The watch has a com­pass option as well as a tita­ni­um cas­ing. This watch wears it
The lev­el of ambi­ent noise will also alert you to the extent of the dan­ger
Apple says it will cur­rent­ly mar­ket the iPhone Series 3 mod­el and will cost around the US $ 199.
Ana­lyst Patrick Moor­head says, “I love Apple’s devel­op­ment of health and safe­ty capa­bil­i­ties, but am dis­ap­point­ed not to see the fea­tures men­tioned.

Accord­ing to research firm IDC, Apple cur­rent­ly accounts for 49% of the glob­al smart­watch mar­ket.

Cam­era Fea­tures

One of the notable fea­tures of the new iPhone mod­els is the ‘Ultra Wide’ rear cam­era with opti­cal zoom at 200%.

The Pro mod­els retain tele­pho­to and nor­mal lens­es, while the iPhone 11 has only one ultra-wide lens and stan­dard lens.

Apple has also intro­duced a new Night Mode fea­ture that will make the image brighter when need­ed, while also hav­ing the poten­tial to reduce the dig­i­tal noise cre­at­ed by doing so. Pre­vi­ous­ly, Google, Sam­sung, and Huawei have already intro­duced sim­i­lar fea­tures in their hand­sets.

There is also a new fea­ture called Deep Fusion. It is capa­ble of tak­ing nine pic­tures at a time and adding them to the pix­el by pix­el to give the best pic­ture. Ini­tial­ly, this fea­ture will not be avail­able, but it will be made avail­able through the soft­ware before the end of the year.
Oth­er new fea­tures include the abil­i­ty to shoot slow-motion videos with the front cam­era. The hand­set proces­sor has also been upgrad­ed.

Apple says its cen­tral pro­cess­ing unit and graph­ics pro­cess­ing unit are more pow­er­ful than Android phones. Sim­i­lar­ly, the chip has been improved for bet­ter cal­cu­la­tion of sta­tis­tics.

The iPhone 11 is a bit cheap­er than the pre­vi­ous XR and will cost from £ 729 to £ 879 in the UK. The iPhone 11 Pro mod­els are more expen­sive than the XS that came before it and they cost from £ 1049 to £ 1499.

All these mod­els will be avail­able for sale in the mar­ket with­in the next ten days.

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