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ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL704GW (Core i7-8750H, RTX 2070) Laptop

Asus Scar II gam­ing lap­top is the next-gen fol­low up to the last Trix car the Strix car­toon GL 504 GS now I real­ly real­ly like the last gen ver­sion but this time around they’ve tak­en what worked improved it and then added to it it still looks like a fair­ly game or cen­tric s asus scar II gam­ing lap­top,

I mean it’s not as bad as a stirs Helios line­up which pret­ty much all looked like props from a bad sci-fi show but it still got a small touch of class with that brushed met­al lid and com­pact design also don’t for­get you can turn off the RGB light­ing if you want it to speak­ing of RGB light­ing the ROG logo on the lid isn’t locked to red any­more so now it’s for real RGB and now we’ve got this total­ly point­less but nifty new light bar across the front which i think is a real­ly cool approach to addi­tion­al RGB light­ing but I’m still not real­ly sure if I love it or hate it cuz it does give this

on and since it’s fac­ing you it should­n’t both­er oth­ers around you but I notice when it’s in rain­bow mode some­times the col­or tran­si­tions caused it to flick­er which was crazy dis­tract­ing for me the build qual­i­ty.

Just top-notch dude which isn’t sur­pris­ing with the ACS lap­tops and oth­er than the lid even though the rest is all plas­tic it’s a super sol­id feel­ing com­pact lit­tle pow­er­house which is the way I’ve been look­ing at this guy.

So I love that about it we’ve got a healthy offer­ing of IO com­plete with an actu­al SD card read­er which isn’t some­thing you see too often on gam­ing lap­tops these days and there is a USB C port unfor­tu­nate­ly it’s not a Thun­der­bolt 3 USB C port should that be a deal-break­er no and if it is for you I’d rec­om­mend see­ing a coun­selor cuz you might be a psy­chopath but for the cost and when this lap­top was released I was legit sur­prised that it did­n’t come with at least one the 15 inch IPS dis­play is a big sell­ing fea­ture for the Strix car series and we’ve still got an amaz­ing 144 Hertz refresh rate in three mil­lisec­ond response time which I have to say is just incred­i­ble — game on but this time around we’ve got even thin­ner bezels like Don­ald Trump’s hair line type fin there is a large chin chin true which is where the web­cam is locat­ed but most peo­ple I know don’t use lap­top web­cams any­ways and just add one more tid­bit about the dis­play the hinge our mon­ey boys mon­ey real­ly sol­id very smooth and rigid a hun­dred per­cent a one-fin­ger open­er like I don’t know about you guys but that’s always been a big pet peeve for me flop­py hinges suck pop­ping off the bot­tom is a lot eas­i­er than last gen so instead of rip­ping on two sep­a­rate pieces we’ve gone back to their tra­di­tion­al sin­gle bot­tom pan­el which I think most peo­ple pre­fer any­ways includ­ing me and we get unob­struct­ed access to inap­pro­pri­ate­ly fon­dle.

Pret­ty much every­thing which is great for main­te­nance and upgrade so don’t for­get to clean your fans folks it’ll give you an instant 1 giga­hertz of extra CPU speed that’s the total lie but can be kind of true I guess if you’re a lazy scum­bag of a slob so the key­board and I def­i­nite­ly have a love-hate rela­tion­ship for a bunch of rea­sons on we’re going through mar­riage coun­selling right now but things are still a lit­tle bit dicey I like that it’s a full key­board but I’ve nev­er been a fan of chi­clet style key­caps um I love the 1.8 milt Rav­el dis­tance but not real­ly into those trans­par­ent Oise keys and RGB back­light­ing still only 4 zone instead of perky and it’s super dim like con­sid­er­ably dim­mer than most if not all lap­tops I’ve reviewed just look­ing at the viewfind­er right now this is not a true rep­re­sen­ta­tion of how bright this is this is actu­al­ly a very damn it the touch­pad is great I think it’s a decent size and I’ve had zero issues with accu­ra­cy thanks to Win­dows pre­ci­sion dri­vers the speak­ers are in the usu­al down­ward fac­ing left and right ori­en­ta­tion because appar­ent­ly fac­ing speak­ers that the user isn’t con­sid­ered log­i­cal yet but they sound real­ly good like real­ly real­ly good good enough to dare I say actu­al­ly use while gam­ing in a pinch gam­ing has been awe­some obvi­ous­ly but while I did­n’t expe­ri­ence any ther­mal throt­tling while stress test­ing or gam­ing I did get some pow­er lim­it throt­tling it was­n’t notice­able to me while gam­ing but it is some­thing you’ll want to watch out for and it does get loud when you’ve got the fan set to boost­ed mode can’t real­ly hear any­thing when you’ve got head­phones on but Jesus Christ it does get loud even an idle that being said you should­n’t have any issues play­ing pret­ty much all your favorite games at high graph­ics set­tings I know I had a blast play­ing bat­tle­field 5 on all set­tings and get­ting around 100 FPS bat­tery life isn’t that great even for a gam­ing lap­top like in most cas­es I’m look­ing for about five to six hours of pro­duc­tiv­i­ty but with the scar — we’re look­ing at about two and a half hours at around 80% screen bright­ness which is gen­er­al­ly where I set it while test­ing lap­tops so just make damn sure you bring that charg­ing brick with you which actu­al­ly if you think about it can be used as a self-defense weapon if some­one tries to jack your lap­top just hand the lap­top and as you pull out the charg­er break just start swing­ing it around and start walk­ing towards them slow­ly while singing the theme song from lam­b­chops play-along they’ll think you’re so bat­shit crazy they’ll not only give you your lap­top back they’ll give you just about any­thing I’m a genius so wrap­ping up I think the Strix car — is a rad lap­top but

com­pared to what else is out there it’s still a tough one for me you’re get­ting a pow­er­house of a gam­ing lap­top so per­for­mance isn’t an issue it looks great it’s got all the bells and whis­tles it’s com­pact it’s well-built and the dis­play is great but the key­board RGB light­ing is crazy damn the bat­tery life could be much bet­ter and there’s no Thun­der­bolt 3 port any­ways as always I’ll have a link in the descrip­tion if you’re inter­est­ed in pick­ing one out for your­self but drop me a com­ment and let me know how you think the stretch scar 2 stacks up against oth­er gam­ing lap­tops in its league like do you think it’s worth it or would you rec­om­mend some­thing else to some­one in the mar­ket for a shiny new gam­ing lap­top so that’s it for this one don’t for­get to fol­low me over on Insta­gram for behind the scenes stuff and oth­er fun things and let me know if you enjoyed this post by show­ing some love of that share it with your friends

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