Today we will talk about things. a thing is an extra­or­di­nary kind of word called a lin­guis­tic frame. things are words that name a man put thing or thought. here are a cou­ple of mod­els of things. young woman and child are words that name per­son.

author­i­ty fire­fight­er and skilled work­er are things too. this spe­cial­ist is a pen­guin. pen­guin is in like man­ner a thing. things can in like man­ner name places. play ter­ri­to­ry and stop are things that name places. words like coun­try and state name puts also. there are numer­ous var­i­ous words to name the things that are around us. any­thing you can con­tact see hold or feel is a thing a kind of thing called a strong thing. final­ly there are things for con­tem­pla­tions. these are to some degree trick­i­er to fath­om as ought to be clear or get in touch with them yet in spite of the way that we can­not get in touch with them in any case we require names for things like love reli­a­bil­i­ty and ful­fill­ment. these are called dynam­ic things. things can be spe­cif­ic as though there is only a soli­tary pooch or they can be plur­al if there are a cou­ple of mutts.

Down­load com­plete gram­mar in Urdu from below link


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