New iPhone 11 news and leaks!

How May cam­eras will the 2019 iPhones have and what will they look like? It’s the new year and we’ve got a bunch of new leaks and rumors.

Let’s break all of these down Super style to give you guys a bet­ter idea of what to expect.

So the first ear­ly leaks of the 2019 iPhones, the nam­ing of which we’re still unsure about. Will Apple call them the iPhone 11s? Will Apple still use roman numer­als? In which case they would be the iPhone XIs? Regard­less, it looks like at least one of these new iPhones is going to have a triple cam­era set­up.

Rep­utable leak here, On Leaks has part­nered with to cre­ate some ear­ly ren­ders of what this could look like, and I’m going to be hon­est, these ear­ly ren­ders do not look too good.

We’ve got a huge cam­era mod­ule with a cam­era bump on one side of the phone.

And the cam­era and flash arrange­ment is also pret­ty weird.

What was even more wor­ry­ing was that anoth­er rep­utable leak, Ice uni­verse, con­firmed that these ren­ders were cor­rect.

How­ev­er, it’s not all bad news.

It looks like there may be some hope.

And that’s because On Leaks has just pub­lished some new ren­ders in part­ner­ship with Com­pare Right this time and these a hor­i­zon­tal cam­era align­ment, So in this new ren­der, we’ve got three cam­eras stacked side by side with the mid­dle cam­era hav­ing a cir­cle flash around it.

The set­up kind of reminds me of what we’ve got on the LG V40 I know a few guys are going to be jok­ing say­ing that this is the cyclops edi­tion iPhone.

But, I for one, pre­fer this so much more com­pared to the ini­tial ren­ders.

So which of these leak ren­ders are actu­al­ly cor­rect? Well, you have to bear in mind that these are very ear­ly leaks and they are based upon EVT hard­ware.

That’s engi­neer­ing val­i­da­tion test hard­ware and they are not set in stone, It could be that Apple’s test­ing a few ear­ly pro­to­types and they are going to be going with one of these in the end ofAp­ple, if you’re lis­ten­ing, then please don’t go with the first ver­sion.

I am def­i­nite­ly not a fan of option one.

I do pre­fer option two. What do you guys pre­fer? Option one or two? Def­i­nite­ly let me know in the com­ments below.

Now, what are these triple cam­eras going to be?

Well, it looks like Apple will car­ry on with a reg­u­lar angle of view cam­era as well as a tele­pho­to cam­era.

They’ve been doing that for a few years.

The third cam­era is still a bit of a ques­tion mark.

Will it be an ultra-wide cam­era like we’ve seen on lots of oth­er devices?

That’s some­thing that I do real­ly like or will it be a sep­a­rate cam­era to sense depth or 3D infor­ma­tion?

This is all a bit of a ques­tion mark and we’ll hope­ful­ly be find­ing out more about that soon.

Now as far as the design when it comes to the front of the phones, it looks like we’re not going to be see­ing a dras­tic change this means that we’ll still have a notch.

It doesn’t look like Apple was going to go for a punch out for the front-fac­ing cam­era like we are like­ly to see on the new S10s.

That might be at a lat­er stage,So you’re not going to be able to say good­bye to the notch just yet.

Now in terms of how many new iPhones we’re going to see this year, The Wall Street Jour­nal is report­ing that we’re going to see two all lid ver­sions and one LCD ver­sion like we’ve had this year.

So we’ve got a reg­u­lar size iPhone 5.8 inch­es, a Max, which is going to be 6.5 inch­es, and then an XR 2 maybe, 10R 2.

I have no idea what they’re going to call them, but basi­cal­ly a suc­ces­sor to the iPhone 10R which will still have an LCD dis­play May be at the same res­o­lu­tions we’ve had this year.

But it is like­ly to have an upgrade on the cam­eras and we’re like­ly to have two cam­eras on the suc­ces­sor of the 10R rather than the one that we’ve got this year.

The 5.8 inch ver­sion of the 2019 iPhone is like­ly to also have dual cam­eras, and it looks like the triple cam­era set­up May just be reserved for the Max ver­sion.

So this might be the spe­cial ver­sion this might be the one Apple wants every­body to buy.

In terms of oth­er leaks and rumors, it seems like we are going to be get­ting an improve­ment in Face ID.

This is some­thing that we do see year on year.

And Apple is expect­ed to increase the pow­er of the flood illu­mi­na­tor, which will help reduce the poten­tial for envi­ron­men­tal light and inter­fer­ence with Face ID.

And it’s also rumored that new iPhones will have sup­port for Wi-Fi 6. So Wi-Fi 6 promis­es faster speeds, greater range and increased capac­i­ty, reduced laten­cy, high secu­ri­ty, and faster ini­tial con­nec­tion to a net­work and that’s all of the leaks and rumors that we have so far of course, this is ear­ly stages right now so as soon as we have more leaks and rumors, we will be doing some update videos.

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What do you guys think of the leaks and rumors of the 2019 iPhones so far?

Def­i­nite­ly drop me a com­ment below and let me know.


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