What is a sub­stan­tive?

Nouns name fol­low­ers, loca­tion, stuff, or ideas. There are many dis­tinct style of nouns. Here are a few: very nouns, usu­al nouns, rea­son­ing nouns, pos­ses­sive nouns, and arrange nouns. 

What is a pro­noun?

Pro­nouns take the ground of nouns. There are many dis­tinct sym­bol of pro­nouns. Here are a few of them: reflec­tive pro­nouns, loose pro­nouns, pos­ses­sive pro­nouns, and rela­tion pro­nouns.  

What is a verb?

Verbs show actions or qual­i­ty of being. Link­ing verbs, act verbs, and por­tion verbs are explain on the side above. Modals are relate here, and you can teach even more near act verbs and cou­ple verbs here. The rec­i­p­ro­cate flew into path.

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Parts of speech

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