Post titles displaying vertically

Post titles displaying vertically

Post titles dis­play­ing ver­ti­cal­ly in edi­tor, Can you have this prob­lem in your Word­Press post dis­play area? then you have to come right place,

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As you show Post titles dis­play­ing ver­ti­cal­ly, each let­ter in the title below the pre­vi­ous one.  so its easy solu­tion here in below step by step guide.

1. Open posts from dash­board.

2. Click all Posts.

3. Then click screen option as shown in below pic­ture.

4. In post option unchecked some options.

5. All Done, as you unchecked options your post ver­ti­cal words goes to up inline posi­tion hor­i­zon­tal­ly, as you show in below my post titles.

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