Stop Mak­ing These Social Media Mar­ket­ing Mis­takes, Well you know what it’s about to change. Today I’m gonna share with you the biggest mis­takes that you’re mak­ing that’s caus­ing you to not do that, you
need to is post­ing con­tent too often every­one believes that hey you want to do well on Face­book post 10 times a day the more you post the more peo­ple will see you that may work for Twit­ter but for most social sites if you post too much you’re not going to do well you only have a cer­tain amount of peo­ple fol­low­ing you. If you keep post­ing too much infor­ma­tion you’re going to wear them out and they’re gonna start ignor­ing your con­tent.
Try to post no more than once a day I’m not talk­ing about live video or sto­ries or any­thing like that I’m talk­ing about post­ing the image or a video of sta­tus update try not to post more than one a day.
The sec­ond mis­take that you need to is post­ing mediocre con­tent now that you know you only want to post once a day when you do post once a day that Con­da has to be amaz­ing.
If peo­ple don’t like it they’re not gonna engage or com­ment you know what if you post a con­tent that’s mediocre or you think is great and you got no com­ments or engag­ing for likes

That way know you’re strug­gling with cre­at­ing amaz­ing con­tent and think of it this way if that con­tent isn’t some­thing that you would tell your friends about or you would share or you don’t think has a slight pos­si­bil­i­ty of going viral then it’s not gonna.

Do that well if you’re not sure what great con­tent is go to buz­zsumo put in key­words with­in your space it’ll show you what’s pop­u­lar on the social web already you want to use tools like buz­zsumo and socia­bly to come up with bet­ter con­tent, that way when­ev­er you do.

Post it’s amaz­ing con­tent the third mis­take that most peo­ple are mak­ing is they’re not lever­ag­ing idioms videos is the future Face­book YouTube LinkedIn all of these play­ers want to get your atten­tion more.

So than even a live TV I’m talk­ing about you know that big LCD tech­ni­cal­ly you don’t have a big TV any­more they’re all now thin and go on your wall but you get the point in which these social sites are crav­ing for your atten­tion they want you to be on Face­book instead of watch­ing HBO or NBC or Sky Sports.

With SEO it’s a long-term game you release con­tent you nev­er do well in the first hour you’re lucky if that con­tent ranks real­ly well after 30 days or six months in many cas­es it’ll take over a year with the social web it’s all about the first hour.

If you have an email list pro­mote your email lists or tech­ni­cal­ly pro­mote that video or sta­tus update you did to that email list that way you can dri­ve more engage­ment if you have a push noti­fi­ca­tion sub­scriber list from tools like sub­scribers comm.

Send them to your social pro­file when you have a sta­tus update that way it gets more views engage­ment and that way over the next thir­ty days 60 days it’ll rank high­er on YouTube or over the next 24 hours it’ll get way more views and shares on Face­book you want to push things hard in the first hour it goes live.

And the last mis­take that I want you to is not engag­ing social is all about being a two-way street if you asked me a ques­tion I did­n’t answer that’d be rude of me that’s how works you need to engage with oth­er peo­ple so when they leave a com­ment make sure you respond even if their com­ment is as sim­ple as like hey thanks.

is a two-way street it’s impor­tant for me to com­mu­ni­cate with you just like it is for you to com­mu­ni­cate with me and if you com­mu­ni­cate more and you have those respons­es to every sin­gle com­ment you’ll find that over time you’re gonna get much more shares views likes than if you did­n’t engage with your audi­ence.

So that’s it if you stop mak­ing those mis­takes you’re gonna get way more trac­tion on the social web does­n’t mat­ter if using LinkedIn YouTube Face­book Twit­ter these tac­tics will help you out

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